Residential EV Charging Stations

EnergizeEV Residential electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are designed to be safe and reliable and easy to charge
your electrical vehicle (EV). Our EV chargers offer more features as our competitors for less, are simple to use, robust, and come with industry leading safety features. EnegizeEV chargers offers customization options available making it one awesome versatile charger to charge any electrical vehicle.

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Multiple Standard Features

Fast Charging

Charge your EV fast with Level 2 EnergizeEV charger to enjoy more time driving

Universal Compatibility

J1772 compliance ensures SAE
compatibility with all automotive
EVs, including Teslas using a Tesla provided adapter


Industry leading safety features to keep
everything safe and reliable

Easy Mount

Lightweight and easy mount system

Environmentally Friendly

Outer shell is designed to be re-used to minimize waste in the future. Plastic free recycled cardboard shipping packaging.

Remote Charger Access

Online charger status via Ethernet cable, optional WiFi

Charging Status

LEDs to show charger status

Easy Accessibility & Organized

24 feet of cable gives maximum freedom to install your charger anywhere you need, also includes cable holder bracket

Load Sharing

Load sharing for 2 or more chargers via free firmware update
(coming soon)

Add-On Features

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

Cool new feature coming soon near you (official announcement Q1 2021)

More features on the horizon